Our Mission

To advance the education around issues of road safety with the aim of reducing personal injury and death amongst road users.

For the benefit of Children and Adults, by promoting safe practices in relation to road use, Road Safety Talks vision is to advance the education around issues of road safety with the object of reducing personal injury and death amongst road users. The project aims to achieve this in the following ways:


By sharing the personal experience in the form of presentations or through the media of Lauren Doherty, who was involved in a RTC as a pedestrian in 2008.


By encouraging and improving basic road awareness, skills, knowledge and safe behaviour near the road.


By working together with other agencies who share our vision, we can all be part of educating on the subject and improving Road Safety

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Who we are

Our Trustees

Lauren Doherty

Lauren Doherty


After sustaining life changing injuries in 2008, Lauren always wanted to educate Children and Young Adults in the hope that it prevented just one other person from experiencing what she had been through.

She’s committed to sharing her story and message with as many people as she can whilst raising awareness of taking care when crossing the road. Lauren has an amazingly positive outlook on life and was once told by a Ward Sister that even though she couldn’t move, her life wasn’t over as she can control her life with her voice.

Rebecca Blunstone

Rebecca Blunstone

Project Manager

Prior to forming her own Care Company, through which she met Lauren, Rebecca gained invaluable experience, skills and knowledge working to support the public and local businesses in various roles.

Rebecca prides herself on delivering excellent customer service enabling Lauren to fulfil her dream in educating Children and Adults. As Project Manager, she oversees the everyday running and on-going development of the charity. She has a passion to ensure that the work is delivered to a high standard, efficiently & effectively.

Vince & Alyson Doherty

Vince & Alyson Doherty


Vince and Alyson, Laurens parents, both knew that she would not let her accident define her.  

When the extent of Laurens condition became clear, it was only natural that Vince and Alyson would step into the role of becoming Laurens main form of support. From being part of her Care Team, to encouraging and supporting her to defy the odds, they take great pride in seeing their Daughter share her experience in the hope it prevents other Families from experiencing what they have done.

Awards & Recognition

Our Achievements

May 2017   Bravery Award at Stray FM’s ‘Local Hero Awards’

April 2019  ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

July 2019   ‘British Citizen Award’ for Volunteering at The Palace of Westminster

July 2019  ‘Members Choice Award’ from the Spinal Injuries Association

October 2019   Chief Constable Commendation from North Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable, Lisa Winward

November 2019   ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award at the Harrogate & District Volunteering Oscars

November 2019  ‘Unsung Hero’ at the Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards


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