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Video 1

This video is aimed at younger children/children of primary school age.

Video 2

This video is aimed at older children/children of highschool age.

Video 3

This video is aimed at younger children and includes detailed information on different types of road crossings and bike awareness.

Have any questions?

At the end of my presentations I like to give the audience an opportunity to ask me anything, here’s some of the most common questions I get asked. You may want to use these to start a discussion with your group. If you come up with any questions not on this list, feel free to send them over and I’ll do my best to answer them all

What is a Tracheostomy?

The white plastic tube you can see in my neck is called a tracheostomy.  It provides access to my windpipe and if I need to be, I can be connected to a ventilator through it.  A ventilator is a machine which breathes for me; it gives my body a rest.

Did it hurt when you were hit by the van?
I can’t actually remember the accident.  Your body has a clever way of protecting itself by going into shock.  I don’t think I would have wanted to remember it.
How do you eat or get dressed?
My carers have to feed me. I choose my own clothes from my wardrobe then my carers get me dressed whilst I am on my bed
How do you get in and out of bed?
I have a ceiling hoist which my carers operate.  A sling is attached to it which then lifts me up and down, for example, from my bed to my chair.
Can you still use a mobile phone?
I can use my phone (ring and text someone) through the apps on my computer.  If I am out, I take my phone with me and my carers will hold the phone to my ear to enable me to have a conversation or they will reply to a text for me.
Do you ever feel sad?
I sometimes do, but I try to not let myself get upset and focus on all the positive things in my life.
What do you miss being able to do the most?
Scratching my nose myself!

Activity Sheets

Here are some downloadable activity sheets for children to do after learning about Road Safety.


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