Being reunited with the Police Officer who looked after my Mum on the night of my accident

Dec 18, 2019Uncategorized

From the time of my accident I had always heard about the young Policeman who was tasked with going to my Parent’s house to inform them about my accident. My Dad had been on a night shift that evening so Mum was at home with my two younger Brothers. When she heard knocking at the front door at 5am, she thought that my Dad (Vince) had forgotten his keys. This was until she saw a fluorescent jacket through the glass in the door.

Quite rightly, the Officer had told my Mum (Alyson) that he hadn’t seen me at the scene, (I was in a very bad way), and that he had just been ask to escort my Mum to the hospital. They arrived just before the ambulance with me in it arrived. The policeman waited with Mum and supported her until my Dad arrived.

We never saw the Officer again, didn’t know his name or even if he still worked in the Police Force.

Fast forward to February 2019 and we were up at Harrogate police station filming with Insp Paul Cording and Sirastudio – Photography and Video Production in Harrogate for a new promotional Road Safety Talks/Learn and Live film.

My Mum had always wanted to be able to thank the Officer who supported her that night so Rebecca asked Paul if it would be possible to see if the policeman was still in service and if so would he be willing to come meet with us? Within half an hour of leaving the station, Paul had rung Rebecca and yes, he was still in service and yes he would like to meet us.

To be able thank him in person is something that we always wanted to do ever since my accident.

A week later he came to my house to meet us all. It was that day we learned that he had been at the scene before going to my Parents house and that I wasn’t expected to survive the ambulance journey to the hospital that night. I don’t think that I will ever forget being sat in front of my Mum and seeing her reaction to this news. The impact and reality of what my decision to cross the road at the wrong time had had on my Family was there to see.

On meeting the Officer again, it was very apparent is that his genuine kindness, concern and genuine care for our whole family shone through that day as it did all those years ago.

When the day comes, it will give me great pleasure to introduce you all to him, but for now he is still seconded to another role which requires anonymity. That aside, he still remains part of our life, not just the Officer from the night of my accident, but as a Friend. He is very much part of ‘Team Lauren.’ 

‘Some people can touch your life for a brief moment but will leave an imprint for a lifetime.’


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