Lockdown Loo Roll Challenge

May 29, 2020Uncategorized

Lauren had to adhere to the lockdown when it was imposed for the vulnerable members of the Community, so from the middle of March, work as we knew it being out and about delivering talks came to a halt.  

We had two choices; to either put the Road Safety Talks project on hold or to keep it going virtually, using all the Technology, Social Media, TV and Radio we have available to us.  We were conscious that people were still using the roads and although the roads were quieter during lockdown, by keeping the Project in the public eye, it would remind people of the dangers of the roads especially when normal life resumed again.

Without being able to physically work together, we kept the project going for 14 weeks with news, photos, videos etc to keep people interested in the work we do.  This was not only good for the Project, but it was also good for Lauren’s mental health, having tasks to focus on and work to do.

As part of our work during lockdown, the Team around Road Safety Talks filmed a ‘Lockdown Loo Roll Challenge’ which was then shown on all social media platforms.  The storyline was around Lauren running out of loo roll, putting a call in to North Yorkshire Police who then started the ball rolling.  A number of people were involved including the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire Police, an Emergency Consultant from Harrogate Hospital, the Matt Hampson Foundation and the Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate to name a few. Aside from having some fun and again keeping the project in the public eye, we wanted to highlight the fact that so many Communities had come together to support each other during lockdown and even though we were all apart, we could still work together to make a difference. 



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