Reunion with the first Police Officer to attend the scene of my Accident

Dec 20, 2019Uncategorized

During the day whilst preparing for the Road Safety Talks Charity Launch, Rebecca exchanged a couple of emails with a North Yorkshire Police Officer who had asked if it would be ok to possibly attend the event even though it was short notice. She wasn’t 100% sure if she could make it due to being on duty at the police station, but she could possibly make it straight from work.

Of course she was welcome was the reply.

We didn’t know if this Officer attended on the night. There were so many people, including Police Officers, in attendance and unfortunately we didn’t get round to speak to everyone.

Late the following evening we received an email from the Police Officer who had emailed asking to come along.

‘I managed to make it along for the presentation on Thursday’…the rest of the first paragraph was a blur as our eyes fell on the following…

‘I was first on the scene at Lauren’s accident, and travelled with her in the ambulance to hospital. Throughout my Police service it has been one of the incidents that has always stuck in my mind, because we were so worried Lauren may not even make it to hospital, and when I heard about the extent of her injuries I thought about her often and always wondered how she was doing. I was also at the Women in Policing conference last Friday, so I’ve seen Lauren’s presentation twice over the last week, but it has been so wonderful to see her after all those years and to see how well she’s doing, what she has achieved and the ongoing work she is doing is incredible.’

We don’t need to say just how overwhelmed we all were to read her email.

We hear so often from members of the Emergency Services we work with that they sometimes never know the outcome of incidents they attend, so to be able to introduce Casey to Lauren a couple of weeks later, after eleven and a half years, was just amazing.

Casey has now become a fully-fledged member of ‘Team Lauren’ and a great friend.


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