Road Safety Talks Charity launch night at Pannal Golf Club

Nov 18, 2019Uncategorized

We thought that at the end of November it would be a quiet time work wise, so we planned to officially launch the Road Safety Talks Charity.

As it turned out and as we are ones never to miss an opportunity, we decided to arrange a multi agency visit to Dacre Braithwaite School with North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and rescue service for Road Safety Week and also jump at the chance to fill a place speaking at the The National Road Safety Conference which was being held in Telford! As I was unable to travel as such short notice, Rebecca took one for the team, headed off to Telford and spoke on my behalf!

Anyway, back to the Charity Launch Night. Things didn’t go to plan as with any event like this. The projector didn’t work which resulted in a mad dash to Argos, a Family friend kindly stepped in last minute with his sound system and a number of bouquets of flowers didn’t appear resulting in another mad dash to Marks and Spencer’s! 

Despite all the panic beforehand, the speeches all went well and the night was an overwhelming success. We were both just over the moon with how it all worked out.

We had a room full of our Families, our Colleagues and all those who without their support, Road Safety Talks would not be where it is today.

It was a evening that once again highlighted to us that we are surrounded by the most genuine, supportive and incredibly kind people who all gave us their time that night. People who all share our focus in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on the roads and who all believe in Road Safety Talks.

We couldn’t do what we do without them x


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